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about me

Hello everyone! My name is Richelle and I hail from New Mexico. I'm an Exercise Physiologist, Whole30 Certified Coach, recipe developer, trail runner, and lover of all things health & wellness. 


I'm a graduate of NMSU (Go Aggies!) and also have a master’s degree in Exercise Science. Throughout my career I have been able to focus on health & wellness, developing a wide range of tools to help others reach their performance potentials.


Whole30 changed my life back in 2015 after suffering a multitude of physical ailments along with a destructive relationship with food. Through Whole30 I have found a new love for cooking and habits that keep my health goals and performance top notch.  As an athlete, Whole30 changed my mind and body, my performance as a result has grown to new levels.


My goal for this website/blog is to give people the tools and resources to build healthier lifestyles for their MIND & BODY through a WHOLEsome approach. Throughout this journey I will share what has worked for me, my clients, and others around the world transforming their lives and telling their stories. 

I can't wait to share all of this with you.... Here we go!


“How when we believe in each other, what it can do for somebody”.

-Sally McRae (Queen Ultrarunner)